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ADVANCED QR CODE PLUGIN PACK V1.01 Released: Oct 19th, 2011
Minimum CMSB Version Required: 2.12
Third Party Programs required: Free basic QR Code Generator Plugin (included)
Free Google URL Shortener API key
Download the ReadMe file


QR Codes expand the power of the smartphone by connecting audiences to a dizzying array of additional web based content, in a "snap".

Now you can offer your clients a full featured QR Code solution, including integrated Advanced Google Analytics.

Here’s how the Plugin Pack works...

When a record in a multi-record editor is created and saved, The Advanced QR Code Generator plugin automatically:

1) Creates a URL based on the detail page for that record, and adds the value of the record’s title field, the record number and any optional Google Advanced Ad Campaign Tracking Analytics data in the record to the end of that URL. (The client’s Google Analytics Web Property ID (required to use Google Analytics) is inserted into the detail page when the detail page is called)

2) Shortens the resulting long URL using Google’s URL shortener.

3) Generates a QR Code** with the embedded shortened URL, using Google’s QR Code generator.

4) Renames the QR Code image file to include the record title and record number.

5) Saves the QR code image file, Full URL and shortened URL to the original database record.

6) If an external URL is specified in the record, that URL is shortened and embedded in the QR Code instead of the detail page URL. If the external web page is set up to utilize Google Analytics, then Ad Campaign Tracking can be implemented through the Plugin.

The Zip Records Plugin adds the ability to save the QR Codes associated with a client selected group of records in a “Zip” file for download.

After a series of records is selected from the records list, and the “Zip Records” button is clicked, the Zip Records Plugin:

1) Creates an Excel compatible .csv file listing all of the selected records.

2) Automatically populates fields in the .csv file for each record, which can include the record title, record number and optional field data from any specified editor fields, to act as a shipping manifest.

3) Prompts the user for a name for the Zip file. (also used for the .csv file name)

4) Compresses all of the selected QR code image files and the .csv files into one Zip file

5) Saves the Zip file to a multi-record CMSB Editor for download.

Complete, step by step documentation is included for easy implementation.

As an added bonus, you’ll get sample ini.php files for easy creation of the required editors and a set of the sample viewers required to use the plugins, and to sort your QR code projects by category and subcategory, to display your generated QR Codes and to view their detail pages. There’s also an ini.php. and a set of viewer files included to help you to create a complete user help section.

* QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

** The plugin automatically creates 547 x 547 pixel QR code images, the maximum size that can be created by Google’s QR code creator.

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